Tours are available!

Hi All,

I must confess to feeling a bit of “cabin fever” as the reality of an extended period of social distancing has become more apparent. Fortunately, the Queensland Government will ease some of its COVID-19 restrictions as of this Saturday 2nd May 2020; which is wonderful news!

In response, The TG team have carefully considered how we can provide animal experiences to family groups whilst maintaining social distancing and the highest levels of hygiene possible. We are pleased to announce that Trevena Glen Farm will begin offering personal family tours for individual family groups*. We have a range of 1hr, 2hr & 3hr tours to suit every family, with horse rides an optional extra. To book a tour, just click on the top right button of our website called “book now” or follow this link.

As your safety is always our focus, each booking will be a personal (i.e. an individual tour with just our guide) whilst maintaining the practice of social distancing (staying 1.5m from others). Our onsite hand washing hygiene procedure remains in affect in order to prevent all transmission diseases (not just covid-19).

*Please note that family groups are people who usually live with you or one other person who doesn’t live with you (i.e. our tour guide). The family group needs to have travelled no greater than 50kms to our destination from their home. There are more details of what’s allowed here.

We hope to see all of you again soon, till then stay safe, take care!

Lindsay (from the TG Team)

A family enjoying one of our personal animal tours.

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