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Introduction to NDIS Animal Program

Trevena Glen’s NDIS Animal Program is an innovative service that delivers a fully customisable experience to help NDIS participants meet their goals in a fun, caring environment.

"... He’s usually anxious and extremely socially awkward so he’s learning about how to read the body language of the animals and horses in particular and is being more aware of his own body cues."
NDIS Registered Customer

Approved Supplier

As an approved NDIS provider (4050048468), our aim is to assist NDIS participants with ongoing ‘Capacity Building’ focused on self-determination skills and development of independence. Specifically, we work with clients to achieve their specific goals & outcomes with progress reports available.

Our key staff are experienced with delivering special needs’ education and we tailor each participant’s regular visit to help them develop life-skills based around “caring” for animals. Specifically, examples include communication and practical hands-on skills like feeding animals and simple task responsibilities in a friendly, affirming, educational based environment.

Sessions - What to Expect

The two-hour sessions are available both morning and afternoon and the standard charge includes carers. Provided the client registration form is completed with a valid NDIS number, a GST-free invoice can be provided (on request after the visit) for online bookings which require payment in advance. In addition, a further 5% discount is offered to regular clients who book for a minimum of 3 months (instead of booking online). In this case, GST-free invoices are sent out on the day of the service for payment within 7 days.

Participants will be moving around on the farm, so come prepared with hats, sunscreen, closed in shoes, long pants if doing horse riding and enough drinking water (as this is not provided). The farm is disabled and wheelchair friendly. As an example, there is a ramped toilet access and the main walking area is reasonable flat thus suitable for most wheelchairs. Additionally, there are specific areas which may require additional assistance due to the minor slope but our staff are very willing to help with this.

Next Steps ..

  • A one page brochure with a little more information is available for download.
  • Please phone us and select option #2 to speak with our NDIS program manager if you have questions or would like to arrange an initial session.
  • You can also email ndis@trevenaglen.com.au with questions and/or booking requests.
  • Prior to making a booking, please complete the NDIS Client Registration form.
  • Bookings for initial sessions may be made online below however upfront payment is required and times/dates are limited.

Background of NDIS Animal Program

Understanding the Benefits of the NDIS Animal Program

The bond between humans and animals dates back thousands of years. Initially, it was a service. These days, the services that animals provide to humans are considerably different. For example, animals can play a significant part in therapy. The therapy provided by the NDIS animal program offers a good illustration.

Excursion Groups

Tailored educational content for schools, kindy, playgroups catering for up to 120 kids

Excursion Groups

Tailored educational content for schools, kindy, playgroups catering for up to 120 kids
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Experiences & Tours

Enjoy meeting the amazing animals in personal hands-on encounters

Experiences & Tours

We offer 1hr, 2hr, 3hr tours and horse riding experience too!
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What You Should Know About Animal-Assisted Therapy(*)

When you’ve had a bad day, there’s nothing to cheer you up quite like a wet nose or a furry snuggle. Here’s what you should know about animal-assisted therapy:

  • Animal-assisted therapy is the real deal. It isn’t only something people do because they think animals make people feel better. Animal-assisted therapy has proven medical benefits such as lowering blood pressure and improving heart health. Accordingley, some types of medical insurance (such as the NDIS) will even pay for it because animal activity improves the quality of life of many people.
  • A variety of animals are used in animal-assisted therapy. Usually, common household pets such as dogs and cats are trained to act as therapy animals, but people can also interact with a large variety of domestic animals. There is even a specific branch of animal-assisted therapy called equine-assisted therapy. This therapy is where horse riding and interaction with horses is used to help anxiety, for example.
  • The history of animal-assisted therapy goes back as far as ancient Greece – the famous Greek doctor Hippocrates thought that horse riding was an activity that could promote health. According to him, horse riding caused a person to feel more relaxed, and it helped people who had terminal diseases.

(*) NOTE for clarification: The word “therapy” as in “animal-assisted therapy” is used here in the broad sense of the word. At Trevena Glen we do NOT employ any allied health professionals that would qualify clients to access NDIS funding in “therapy” categories.

The Benefits of Choosing Trevena Glen for NDIS Animal Activity

With 12 types of animal to interact with, Trevena Glen is a natural choice for animal-assisted therapy. With this in mind, here are three more reasons why we should be on the top of your list to provide animal therapy:

  • We are an approved NDIS provider. Obviously, when it comes to your health, we understand that you want the best service and peace of mind that those delivering the service are knowledgeable and professional. Our staff have experience in special-needs education, and we customise each client’s visit to teach them life skills through caring for animals.
  • We have full disability access. At Trevena Glen, nothing stands between a client’s needs and care. There is ramp access to bathrooms, and the walking area is flat and suitable for most wheelchairs. If you require any other assistance with access or mobility, our staff are more than happy to help.
  • We have a variety of animals you can interact with in several activities. In addition to NDIS horse riding, you can interact with our alpacas, llama and goats, learn to lead and groom our mini horses, feed and pet our pigs and donkeys and cuddle and groom our guinea pigs and rabbits.

About Trevena Glen

We are a family business located 40 minutes outside of North West Brisbane’s CBD. We provide a variety of activities that are easy to organise with the help of NDIS coordinators. You can also book directly through our online NDIS program.

Contact us today to discover the healing that our four-footed friends can bring.

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