Our Story

Trevena Glen Farm is “Brisbane’s Best Family Farm Experience” and we love to help friends and family connect in a fun & safe place. 

The farm was established back in 1985 with the local school helping the farm get started by being our very first “customers”. The farm is currently owned and operated by Katie & Lindsay, Liz & Alan. Our journey started over a Sunday lunch when it was suggested… “Hey why don’t we pop out and have a look at this place?”. After the visit three of the current owners saw the potential in the property and one (yes, there’s always one) saw their “to do list” for the next 5-10 years! (haha).

Over the years we have welcomed various staff to the TG team and thanks to them the farm has continued to grow and get better every year!

Our Values

Level ONE (Essential)

  • Safety – we protect others
  • Relationship – we cherish others
  • Integrity – we respect others and are open and honest in all our dealings

Level TWO (Expected)

  • Education – we value learning
  • Creativity – we look for new and different ways to do things
  • Excellence – we strive to be the best

Level THREE (Aspire to)

  • Caring – we value restoration, we care for the environment and our animals
  • Generosity – we live to share
  • Fun/Humour – we enjoy the journey
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