Looking for one of the most truly memorable school excursion ideas in Brisbane?
Trevena Glen Farm, just 40 minutes from central Brisbane, provides a tailored farm experience for everyone that is “hands on”, enjoyable and educational.

The most trusted provider of school farm excursions in QLD, Trevena Glen Farm is proud to introduce our Brisbane School Excursion Program. 

We assist teachers as they complete the “Life and Living unit” and “Paddock to Plate” in the school curriculum. We can also tailor our content to meet teachers specific program requirements. Our school excursions for Brisbane schools and beyond include:

  • Tailored programs for Prep to year 6.
  • Access to a large fenced outdoor area which is semi shaded for morning tea & lunch.
  • A program duration of 3-4 hours with time allowed for morning tea & lunch.
  • Each excursion group will rotate through the experiences in sub-groups of a maximum 20 children every 30-40mins. The group is assigned a trained Trevena Glen excursion guide who will provide educational input and guidance during each experience.

The following provides a guide of what you’ll typically experience since each rotation and the animals therein may be seasonal and subject to change. Prior to your visit teachers are invited to select which rotations (currently there over 8 to choose from) they would like to be included in the day’s program providing a tailored experience most appropriate to the age and curriculum of the students.

  • Pony/Horse rides (in fully fenced arena or round yard)
  • Tractor Trailer ride & learn about gardening / vegetables
  • Smaller Animals – Handling & feedings typically of goats, chickens, guinea pigs, lambs, rabbits, turkeys.
  • Large Animals – meeting the larger animals: cow, horses, donkey, sheep, pig.
  • Scavenger hunt – ‘find the items’ to link them to an animal on our farm.
  • Orienteering – Learning to use mapping skills around the farm
  • Paddock to Plate – investigating practical ways our food is produced.
  • Egg exploration – looking at the various stage of embryo growth (seasonal)
  • Animal feed making – students following a “recipe” to make & then feed our animals

Our Kindy/Daycare Program is filled with opportunities to meet and interact with our animals which can be fed and cuddled(small animals)/touched. Children also have an opportunity to ride a pony in our fully fenced arena or round yard. Excursions last for 3-3.5 hours and all children will be guided by our trained excursion leaders in rotation groups through the day.

We also have a holiday excursion program for Outside School Hours Care organisations that would like to arrange a fun outing during the school holidays. You can find out more information regarding this here.

Once a date has been confirmed, we provide a quotation, a comprehensive risk assessment, and other support documentation to make it as easy as possible for teachers and organisers. Please also note that we do have a COVIDsafe plan – refer here to download.

Please click the “Reserve Dates” button below to reserve a date for your excursion immediately online. You should then receive a quote within 7 days which you can accept to confirm your booking. The quote email includes links to other documentation including a comprehensive risk assessment. We send out an invoice for payment after your visit to the farm. 

For teachers and group organisers:
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School Excursions

Our Farm is the Ideal Spot for School Excursions

Students look forward to school excursions because it’s time away from the school building and in most cases, it’s educational. If you’re a teacher searching for the ideal excursion destination, look no further than Trevena Glen Farm.

Experiences & Tours

Enjoy meeting the amazing animals in personal hands-on encounters

Experiences & Tours

We offer 1hr, 2hr, 3hr tours and horse riding experience too!
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Horse Riding Lessons

Our unique holistic approach establishes a solid horsemanship foundation in each student

Horse Riding Lessons

Weekly lessons with a specific learning plan developed by our incredible coaches!
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Holiday Activities

Need something to do with the kids for the holidays?

Holiday Activities

We offer various programs and camps which we know you'll love!
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The Importance of School Group Activities

Students spend most of their time in school, listening to their teachers, attempting various exercises and when they’re older, writing examinations. The routine of everyday schooling is monotonous, especially for those in their formative years. We advise teachers to take them on the odd field trip where they can socialise with their peers and build bonds while attempting various activities.

  • Teachers can only work with what they have. In most cases, this involves methods using pictures and verbal lessons. However, nothing stimulates learning more than being physically present in the moment. Although children learn about horses and other animals, seeing them in person reinforces the lessons taught in school.
  • Unfortunately, not all children share the same learning capacity. As a result, some may find the classroom restrictive and dull. When you change the environment, it will spark an interest in what they’re doing and let them learn via practical methods.
  • Apart from the fact that students create memories with their friends whom they remember for years to come, as a teacher, you build a rapport between the students and yourself. One excursion and a moment of a student experiencing their teacher out of their comfort zone can transform an entire academic year for the better.

What To Expect from Trevena Glen Farm Regarding Kindy School Excursions

We’re aware of the excitement an excursion brings, especially for younger children, and we create an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone. Our program assists teachers with their ‘Life and Living Unit’ in the current school curriculum or we adapt according to the requirements of the teacher.

  • We reserve our package for those in prep school until year four. The duration of our program is between three to four hours which includes morning tea and lunch that learners enjoy in a semi-shaded area. Every excursion group is divided into smaller groups to rotate the experiences.
  • Teachers are invited to select which experiences they prefer their students to encounter. It largely depends on the age group, but we can tailor the rotation to suit your requirements. Furthermore, every group has a trained Trevena Glen excursion guide allocated to them that provides educational input throughout the experience.
  • Our activities include horse or pony rides, a ride on a tractor-trailer where they are taught about gardening and vegetables; handling and feeding of small animals such as goats, chickens and lambs. Kids also adore meeting cows, horses, donkeys and sheep; a bush scavenger hunt and paddock to plate exercise to learn the practical ways in which our food is produced.

About Trevena Glen Farm

We’ve been operating since 1985 and have provided a safe space for school excursions as well as family holidays. We have numerous activities and tours available that are exciting, especially for children.

We are only 40-minutes away from the Brisbane CBD, which makes our farm highly accessible. We’d love to have you over, so contact us for a booking.

Bookings and Cancellations

Bookings can be made online with no upfront payment required. We will then aim send you a formal quote within seven days and will reserve these dates for you until the quote validity period expires. It is therefore very important that you gain internal approval and accept the quote online or by email before the quote expires in order to lock in the dates. Once the quote is accepted, we deem the booking to have been confirmed.

Sometimes due to circumstances outside our control and despite our best efforts it may be necessary to cancel a planned excursion. This could be due to:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Government or education department regulations
  • Physical conditions at the farm
  • Staffing emergency

In any of these situations we will contact you at least by the day prior to the planned excursion to discuss and advise. We will then work with you to arrange an alternative date. Please note that if you make a decision to cancel once the booking has been confirmed, the following cancellation fees will apply:

  • More than 1 month notice ($50 admin fee)
  • Less than 1 month notice (the greater of $100 or 10% of the quote)

By way of explanation, many groups plan and book their excursions up to a year in advance and so a booking reserves a day which will be unlikely to be rebooked at short notice if cancelled. In regards to weather, we have built up infrastructure to allow many activities to be carried out under cover. This means that we will only cancel if we expect significant rain or wind. If showers are expected, visitors are advised to bring suitable wet weather gear (coats, boots, umbrellas). In some situations we may need to swap rotation choices if horse riding is not possible due to safety – we would discuss this with you prior to the excursion day.

Parents with Excursions

Many parents would like to accompany their children on the excursion to the farm. Trevena Glen welcomes parents to come and share in the experience but first check with the person responsible for organising the excursion. Click on the following button to make your booking and payment to come to the farm as an excursion observer. Please note that this ticket can also be used to pay for other children you bring (aged two years and over) that are NOT included as part of the excursion group and will automatically be valid if the date has to be changed. Please also note that teachers and approved parent helpers are included free of charge in the base charge and ARE NOT required to purchase a ticket.

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