Refund Policy

Many services offered on this website can be booked and paid for in advance using third-party payment services. Trevena Glen will do everything possible to deliver these services, however in some situations (eg. bad weather, sickness, unavailability of staff) the service may need to be postponed. Typically we offer to reschedule wherever possible however where this is not possible the service needs to be cancelled. In such cases a refund may be offered:


If your tour cannot proceed for any reason, we will try to arrange an alternative date and time subject to the following conditions:

  • If an alternative date cannot be mutually agreed, a refund will be offered using the same payment method that was used to pay for the service initially.
  • A reschedule/refund request can be granted in special situations provided adequate notice (generally more than 2hrs) is provided. Examples are illness, accident, or other change of circumstances where it would be unreasonable to expect you to be able to attend at the time that was booked.
  • We reserve the right to retain a portion of the total payment (not exceeding 10%) to cover administrative overheads.
  • No refund will be offered for a “no-show”. It is your responsibility to ensure you arrive at the farm at the time and date of the booked service.
  • We will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible if a service needs to be cancelled. It is essential that a mobile number be provided during the booking process to facilitate communication in the event that a cancellation is necessary.
  • Any fees charged by a third party as part of the original payment made (credit card, PayPal etc) are NOT generally refundable.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are typically booked a number of weeks in advance. Since the booking reserves significant resources which cannot easily be rebooked at short notice, a different cancellation process applies as follows:

  1. We will try to reschedule your party at a mutually agreeable date and time:
    • A party may be rescheduled with more than two days notice at no charge
    • For a party that is rescheduled with less than two days (48 hours) notice, you will be charged an administration fee of 10%. Note that this does not apply where the reschedule is necessary due to external circumstances such as government mandated restrictions, accident, weather etc.)
  2. If the party cannot be rescheduled, we will offer gift cards to the value of your booking (subject to the same notice conditions as a reschedule noted above) that can be used for any online booking (party or tours) at a later date.
  3. If gift cards are NOT acceptable and you would like a cash refund, the following conditions apply:
    • If the party is cancelled for any reason by Trevena Glen (weather, etc), an 80% refund will be given.
    • If you cancel more than two weeks before the date of the party, an 80% refund will be given.
    • If you cancel with less than two weeks notice, you will only receive a 50% refund.
  4. No refunds are offered for a REDUCTION in numbers of children on the day. We can provide a gift voucher ($20 value) for children that were invited but then not able to attend on the day for any reason. To request vouchers for this reason, please advise us by email no later than the day of your party.
  5. The final decision on a weather cancellation is made by us although we will consult with you on the days prior. Use of the jumping castle option is more critical and there may be cases where your party goes ahead but we are not able to operate the jumping castle (showers or wind >20km/hr). We will offer a gift card or full refund for the option price paid in this case.

Riding Lessons

Refer to the Payment Policy as notified in your invoice email for term lessons


Refer to your NDIS Service Agreement for cancellation provisions. For sessions that are booked and paid in advance using the online booking system, the following policy applies:

  • If you cancel with at least 2 days notice, we will reschedule with no penalty.
  • If you cancel with less than 2 days notice, we can reschedule but will be charged an admin fee of 20%.
  • If the session is cancelled for any reason by Trevena Glen (weather, etc.), we will reschedule with no penalty.
  • If the session is cancelled for any reason, and a reschedule is not possible, an 80% refund will be given.

Booking Fees

Please note that booking fees are non-refundable. Where a percentage is defined above for refund or admin fee, this percentage is calculated on the advertised price and NOT the total amount paid. In other words the booking fee is not included in the percentage calculation.

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