Booking a 15min Horse Riding Experience

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Booking a 15min Horse Riding Experience

A 15 minute horse riding experience may be booked as an optional extra for the 1hr public tour, or the 1hr (with 5% off), 2hr(with 10% off) personal tours. It is included for FREE in the 3 hour personal tour. The booking process to include this option has changed recently and after a few inquiries, I thought I would show you exactly how to go about adding this as you book your tour.

Step #1 - Select the tour

Click on the “Book Now” button at the top right hand corner of the page. The click on the “Book Online” button next to Experiences and Tours. Then click on the “Book Now” button against the tour you would like to do – I’m using the 1hr personal because I really like the photo of Peck 🙂

Step #2 - Configure your tour

Enter the number of people (aged 2 and over) in your group – make sure you consider the total number in your group and enter the number in the appropriate box. Select the day you want to come (note that if a day is “greyed” out, then there are no tour of this type available for booking (in this case the 13th is full). Choose the session (start time for the tour) that you would like. Bear in mind that the adjacent horse riding session time may be 30min before or 30min after the tour. Click on the “Book Now” button.

Step #3 - Add the Horse Ride

At this point, your shopping cart is shown with your tour details and total price, and underneath is the 15min Horse Riding Experience Option. Click on the “Book Now” button (is that about the 5th book now button? – I’m losing count!)

NOTE: If you are using a mobile device, the 15min Horse Riding Experience option may not be visible. Either use a computer, tablet in landscape mode, or this direct link: 15min Horse Riding Experience. There is an alternative method which will be easier for mobile users – see next heading Step #3A – Adding Other Products. 

Using the direct link (above) at this point of the process will create a new product in the shopping cart – mobile view shown below (after step #4 has been completed):

Step #3A - Adding Other Products

From the shopping cart view, it is also possible to add extra products (including the 15min horse ride) to your order by clicking on the link that says “Make another booking”. Scroll down the list to find the additional products you would like to add, click the booking button and configure the product as outlined in Step #4.

Step #4 - Configure your Horse Ride

Repeat the same process as you did for the tour – only count the ones in your group doing the horse ride. Note that in this case, I have two people so I am using the second box to get a cheaper price, and also the horse ride session is 30min BEFORE the tour starts. And of course click the “Book Now” button!

Step #5 - Complete the Booking Details

I am now back on the shopping cart page – you can see the two products on the right hand side with the discount applied to result in a total amount to pay. You now have to complete all of the details for the participants for each of the products. For the horse riding, we need to know your approximate weight (to the nearest 5kg is fine) so that we can pre-plan which one of our horses would be best for you. We can take a limited number of adults as long as you are less than 100kg. Fill in the billing and contact details – we need a mobile phone number in case we need to contact you about any changes. Complete the booking by selecting your payment method of PayPal or Credit card.

I hope this helps – don’t hesitate to send us an email or call if you require any assistance. We can make changes to your booking as long as you give us enough notice – we want your experience at Trevena Glen to be the best!

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