Music Tuition

Music Tuition at Trevena Glen

Music, along with animals is another way of understanding yourself better, gives you skills to help in the real world, and is a big de-stress in the rush and bussle of everyday life. Music is beneficial to every age group. Our private lessons at Trevena Glen Farm are designed for ages 6 upwards (5 years on assessment).

What Instruments Do We Offer?

At the moment we are only offering piano lessons.

Our Piano Teacher - Rachel Kilchester

Rachel has been teaching privately for over 23 years and has been teaching in private schools for the last nine years. Rachel has been awarded both AmusA and ATmusA, as well as Grade 6 theory. Rachel is proficient at sight reading and playing, having been an accompanist for several school choirs, and many instrumental students for exams, concerts and competitions.

Rachel teaches students beginner to advanced, for pleasure or to work towards AMEB exams. All students are individually assessed and given programs best suited to their development and previous learning (if any). Includes practical, theoretical, aural and improvisation/composition elements.

What Do We Offer?

Usually 30 minute lessons are a good start for a beginner, but Rachel also offers both 45 and 60 minute lessons. Rachel has term bookings available, as well as casual lesson spots and holiday lessons.

For more information, contact Rachel directly on 0403847032 or

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