Horse riding lessons near Brisbane

Trevena Glen Farm, just 40 minutes from Brisbane, offer one-on-one horse riding lessons for children of all ages, teaching beginners and intermediate level riders. Our friendly and experienced coaches can guide you for weekly lessons on our well trained horses. 

Our Head Coach Katie has a Diploma of Social Science (youth work & human behaviour) and combined with her Level III Equestrian Sports Coach qualification.

Weekly lessons are mostly one on one and include the following:

  • Use of a 40 x 20m floodlit arena
  • Use of a 16m floodlit round yard
  • Eight Stables, tack shed and wash down facilities
  • Access to all required riding equipment including helmets
  • A specific learning plan tailored for each student & annual Riding level assessment to measure progress

Book your first session now to experience the quality experience of horse riding lessons at Trevena Glen Farm.

Advanced Students (Future Coaches)

We love seeing our students develop their horsemanship skills and we provide the following options to assist:

  • Horse lease program is available for competent students to get more time in the saddle.
  • Advanced students will have the opportunity to join the Trevena Glen competition squad to participate in local events (April to Sept)

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Horse Riding Brisbane

Create Precious Memories with Family While Horse Riding in Brisbane

Trevena Glen is your haven where you can have fun and share memories with those closest to your heart while horse riding in Brisbane. Experience the relaxing calm and serenity of our setting only a mere 40 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Brisbane’s CBD. Horse riding is a proven way to reduce the stress of our rushed daily lives. It helps us to regain our focus, and it improves concentration.


Kick back, relax and enjoy the part of Australia that we call home


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Holiday Activities

Need something to do with the kids for the holidays?

Holiday Activities

We offer various programs and camps which we know you'll love!
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Experiences & Tours

Enjoy meeting the amazing animals in personal hands-on encounters

Experiences & Tours

We offer 1hr, 2hr, 3hr tours and horse riding experience too!
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Benefits of Horse-Riding Lessons

For many, the idea of getting on the back of these mighty animals are fear invoking. Our horse-riding lessons in Brisbane offers you a safe space to overcome this fear and enjoying the countryside. Interacting with a horse can also bring a calming, bonding experience, unlike any other.

  • If you like it so much, weekly riding lessons are a fun way to develop your core strength. You’ll work the muscles that are neglected in many conventional forms of exercise while maintaining your posture on horseback. This form of exercise will ensure stronger back and chest muscles and an overall improvement in your posture as you have to keep yourself upright on the horse, or risk falling off.
  • Our horse-riding holidays are fun-filled and offer various options to entertain youngsters and give them a safe introduction to these majestic animals. During April and September, we offer our holiday horse camps. During the long holidays in December/January and June/July, we offer additional horse-riding lessons in North Brisbane. Do you have a young family member or friend who is interested in horses or who can benefit from the emotional benefits of spending time with them? Maybe consider joining our pony programme during the summer holidays. These camps are also an excellent opportunity to make new friends and build relationships. We offer a setting where you can have the confidence that your children are safe and happy for the entire duration of their visit.
  • We offer our weekly horse-riding lessons in Brisbane North under the watchful guidance of our well-trained professional head coach. These lessons are custom to rider capabilities and presented on a level easy to grasp while making it fun. Our setting offers a large floodlit arena and a smaller floodlit yard. We have eight comfortable stables, a tack shed and wash-down facilities for our animals. You don’t have to invest any money into buying equipment for we’ll supply all you need n. We focus on adapting lessons according to your progress and are proud to present our advanced training for future coaches. It is a proud moment for us when our riders develop their horsemanship skills, and we like to offer them access to all possible opportunities to advance their passion. One such opportunity is the Trevena Glen competition squad. The squad partakes in local events taking place annually on the equestrian calendar from April to September.

What Sets Trevena Glen Apart Regarding Horse Riding in Brisbane North

A day at Trevena Glen is a day you will always remember. Our farm excursions are overflowing with hands-on excitement and education for young and old. We always have something educational and useful to share about horses, nature and the benefits of fresh air and exercise.

  • Come and spend some valuable time in our breath-taking surroundings amongst an abundance of animals, from the most grandiose to the fluffy. Bid the day farewell with the sun kissing the mountain tops goodnight. We offer numerous activities for our younger visitors while parents can enjoy the surroundings of our shaded area, where we serve tea and lunch.
  • Our petting farm is a friendly space to interact with the cute and cuddly members of our group of 12 different kinds of animals on the farm. Here you can feed and touch guinea pigs, rabbits, little lambs, chickens and goats. Our larger animals include cows, donkeys, sheep and pigs and off course our magnificent horses. There are Molly, Nemo, Moon and Capt’n Jack Sparrow. Then you also have to meet Tilly, Ripples, Vienna, Archie, Max and the mighty Diaz.
  • Join one of our Bush Scavenger Hunts. It is an adrenaline-filled search to find certain specified items hidden in the wild. You need to return with your discovered treasures to create a collage and complete the treasure hunt. The whole family can join in on the hunt and even compete in teams to see who will be the ultimate champions.

Two of the pillars of our success are education and entertainment. Our goal is to maintain and continuously improve our friendly and inviting space where both these core elements can remain the focus. A place where people of all ages can find a space where physical, social and emotional development occurs spontaneously.

About Trevena Glen

Since 1985 we have had the privilege to share the impressive beauty of our surroundings outside of Brisbane, with the world. Spending any time with horses are always moments we cherish, for they are always moments ready to teach us about integrity and trust, responsibility and taking pride in who we are. Opening yourself to the possibilities nestled in the relationship between you and your horse is a life-changing experience.

We want to invite you to enjoy all the enriching experiences awaiting you at Trevena Glen. Moments changing your life is merely a few clicks away.

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