Agree To Entry Conditions


Please complete the following online form to acknowledge your agreement to the Terms and Conditions of entry to Trevena Glen Farm. On completion of the required fields on the form, please press the submit button and show the resulting screen to the staff member in the Cafe prior to making your purchase for any tour or experience.

Please note:

  • The entry conditions are here.
  • Only one form is required for each family group.
  • The form must be completed on the date of the tour and/or experience.
  • You will need to show the result message (green background) after pressing the “Submit” button. Please note that the Submit button will not be visible until you tick the acknowledgement box.
  • All fields are required. You will not be able to submit successfully without completing each field.

Please nominate one person for a group that will be responsible for agreeing to the terms and conditions of entry,

For your normal place of residence. For oversees residents, please enter the international phone country code (eg +64 for New Zealand)

Please specify the names of all people in your group covered by this agreement. Enter "N/A" if you are by yourself.

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