If you are NOT interested in “red tape”, then this page is probably not for you! On the other hand, if you thrive on the detail, then hopefully you will find what you are looking for – from risk assessments to the legal stuff like privacy policies and copyright notices.

Legal Pages

We have included the following legal pages on our website:

Safety Check

We want you and your children to have a fabulous time at the farm. Listed below are a few threats and the precautions you can take to avoid those threats.

Sun burn
  • Bring a hat and wear it. Apply sun protection cream to uncovered skin.
  • Bring some water. For open farm events, bottled water is available for purchase but for excursions and visits it is best to bring your own.
  • Make sure you wash your hands after animal contact, after visiting the toilet, and before eating. (Toilet and hand-washing facilities are provided) Ensure food is consumed in designated areas only. Advise staff if you or your children have any allergies to animals, insects, or plants. Wash wheels of push-chairs and wheel-chairs before going home using facilities provided.
  • Wear enclosed footwear, ensure you walk and don’t run, follow the instructions of staff at all times. Only allow children to feed animals under direct supervision of staff. Do not open any gates and only enter an animal enclosure under direction by staff.
  • Stay on the designated walkways at all times unless in a group under the direction of staff. Avoid any direct skin contact with plant material.

For a more detailed risk assessment suitable for group visits and excursions see the Risk Assessment document.

Document Downloads

A number of documents may be downloaded using the following links:

  1. Trevena Glen color brochure
  2. Detailed risk assessment (excursions)
  3. Horse-riding payment policy
  4. Horse-riding induction/waiver
  5. Public liability insurance policy
  6. Rabbit exhibition licence
  7. NDIS supplier approval
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