Party Shed - Farm stay

If you are looking for a farm stay near Brisbane, then the renovated party shed is perfect! It is the QLD farm stay which is warm and inviting, spacious enough for a party with friends and family.  

It contains two bedrooms (double bed in each), a kitchenette (no oven), a large living and dining area – complete with a beautiful old fireplace! The detached shower/toilet (shared facility) is located 35m away.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a long-term requirement, the Party Shed is unavailable for bookings until further notice.

Our farm is quite busy thus accommodation is restricted to those that have either (1) already booked tours or (2) those that intend to book tours. Our tours can be booked via the following link.

To avoid disappointment, please refer to notes at the bottom of this page prior to making a booking.

Access to Animals

Many people either assume or ask if they can see the animals if they stay in the accommodation. Please be aware that:

  1. Dogs are not permitted onsite. 
  2. For your safety and the safety of our animals, we do not allow any direct contact between visitors and our animals when not supervised by Trevena Glen staff. Different animals have varying behavioural patterns that can cause injury if people are not aware. Some of our animals are small and fragile and can be harmed – particularly by unsupervised children. Visitors are not allowed to enter any of the animal enclosures nor walk freely around the farm.
  3. Visitors staying at the farm do not have free access to the whole farm. Our animals are moved about the farm on a daily basis between night yards and paddocks, so we conduct different types of tours and activities on the farm for pre-booked private and public groups.
  4. Some of the animals may be viewed from the large common area on the farm (i.e. where toliet/shower is located), however this can be done from the outside of the enclosure for VIEWING ONLY. Any feeding of the animals in this context is NOT allowed.

You will need to book one of our animal experience tours to interact with our animals – please check out the Tours page for details. Please also note that there is a possibility that tours may be fully booked on a Saturday. You should book your tours and horse riding before you arrive as we require at least 18hrs notice to organise a tour guide.

Farm Stays Brisbane

Take a Break with Farm Stays in Brisbane

The hustle and bustle of everyday life certainly calls for relaxation time, and what better option than farm stays in Brisbane. Why not take a break from your daily duties with one of our farm stays? Trevena Glen is one destination that offers accommodation and various activities culminating in an adventurous family farm experience.

Holiday Activities

Need something to do with the kids for the holidays?

Holiday Activities

We offer various programs and camps which we know you'll love!
Find out more ...

Experiences & Tours

Enjoy meeting the amazing animals in personal hands-on encounters

Experiences & Tours

We offer 1hr, 2hr, 3hr tours and horse riding experience too!
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Benefits of Farm Weekend Getaways

One of the best ways to spend time as a family is together on a farm. With a plethora of activities and tours available, you’ll never be bored. Furthermore, the presence of animals provides hours of informational fun, and there are several benefits to farm holidays with your children.

  • In the case where you have young children who are in their formative years, being in a farm environment builds their sense of identity. A farm stay encourages experimentation in a controlled environment with animals which develops their confidence in learning and promotes self-awareness. The small degree of freedom they experience with the elements on the farm could have a far-reaching effect on their development.
  • We live in a technology-driven society, and we spend most of our time peering into the screens of our smartphones and laptops. Spending time away on a farm holiday will let you reconnect with your surroundings. You won’t regret ditching the screens for some time with nature, experiencing farm animals and the source of herbs and vegetables, among other delights.
  • People may not want to admit it, but we’re living in an age where the family unit is somewhat spoiled. We get our goods delivered to our door; there’s help for us with chores and several other aspects of life that have become automated and simplified. While it’s not the worst thing, it serves everyone better to spend the occasional weekend without the luxuries. You will feel a greater sense of appreciation for the aspects of your life you may be taking for granted, such as spending quality time with your kids.

What To Expect from Trevena Glen Regarding Farm Holidays in Brisbane

We’ve been around since 1985, offering a perfect space for families to gather and have fun away from the city. Our fundamental values are relationship, integrity and safety, which we achieve by connecting families and friends in a safe environment.

  • The party shed on the farm is the ideal place for a family to stay and create lasting memories. It contains two bedrooms with double beds in each room, a kitchenette and a spacious living and dining area coupled with a fireplace.
  • We have several holiday activities to keep your family busy during your stay. Horse Riding lessons are a regular occurrence, and there are levels for every potential rider. There is a range of ponies available for children who are keen on horse-riding.
  • We understand how eager people are to interact with animals; thus, we provide tours where you’re able to meet all 12 animals. The tours we offer are hands-on and exciting.

About Trevena Glen Farm

We are only 40-minutes away from the Brisbane CBD, which means you don’t have to arrange specific transport to get to your destination. Our farm has all the elements for a fantastic vacation for the entire family.

Contact us to book your holiday as space is at a premium.

Exploring the local area from your farm stay near Brisbane

The Samford Visitor Information Centre is located in Samford a few minutes down the road so drop in and ask for help to explore the local area. They will provide lots of suggestions for things to do and places to visit.

For animal lovers, you will also be delighted to know that the Lyell Deer Sanctuary is also located very close to the farm. They are open on weekends with very reasonable prices so check out their website for more details and pay them a visit.


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